Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #2!


Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #2 where I ask the question: Are you up to the task at hand?

For the past few years, around this time of the year, there’s been a “bundle” going around for sale called the “Genius Blogger’s Tool Kit.” It’s basically a collection of courses, ebooks, files, videos and the like that are loaded with educational materials to help bloggers and online writers keep their game sharp.

It’s really an incredible value, but I’ve been a part of more than a few discussions where people are asking “Is it worth it?”

I have to admit that at one point I was one of those skeptical ones, too. Not because of the cost (which is actually minimal when I looked at what was included). But because I thought I was doing well enough myself, thank you. Because I held the theory that on my own I could keep up with technology and strategies and all the info that enables me to be successful at what I do.

It’s funny, really, and a bit self-centered, to EVER think that we don’t need training. Because no matter how you define “success”, we never reach that bar on our own.

  • A new mom benefits from someone to come alongside her and help her grow as a wife and a mother
  • A Christian needs constant revelation and guidance from The Word
  • A teacher requires periodic training and continuing-education classes
  • Accountants and bookkeepers are obliged to be informed of new tax laws and regulations
  • A marriage stays fresh with periodic counseling and new tools and ways to grow together

Get my drift?

So if you’re not feeling quite “up to it” these days, perhaps a bit out-of-sorts or even just plain unequipped to do whatever it is that needs doing in your life…maybe you need to quit relying on your own strength!

Maybe you need to look outside yourself and find someone or Someone with more experience and wisdom to give you a fresh perspective and the tools you need to get the job done.

The toolkit may look different for each of us, but the need for it is something we all share…whether you’re the head honcho at home or the Chairman of the Board.

If you’re feeling not quite up to whatever task is facing YOU today, maybe it’s time to get some training of your own. I’ll be praying this week that God makes the source of that wisdom clear to you.

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