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Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here today, ’cause what I’m sharing will definitely make your heart happy if you have:

  • kids
  • fitness goals
  • healthy living resolutions
  • clutter to conquer, or
  • a desire to stay healthy during the yucky winter illness season!

Just in time to help us along with our goals or resolutions in the New Year, the folks at Ultimate Bundles have done it again…

If you’re not familiar with them, they periodically round up a collection of exceptional resources on a specific topic and sell them together at an aMAzingly low price. That’s it – that’s all they do!

I was a little skeptical of them at first until I went ahead and purchased their Genius Bloggers Toolkit two years ago, at the encouragement of a friend.  Can you say “Blown a-way“? Took me a full year to go through all the materials in there: e-books, templates, videos, courses, PDFs,…ohmygosh, just incredible!

So much so that I picked the same bundle up again this past year – and believe it or not, it was even better this go ’round!! 

My family has also benefitted from resources I found in their Healthy Living bundle and Essential Oils bundle, both of which I picked up this past year…

And because I love and use them in my own life, I’m really excited to tell you that some of my favorite bundles are back for just 24 hours each.


With this Ultimate Bundles Festival (or UBFest, for short), each day you’ll have a chance to buy one amazing bundle that’s at least 93% off retail value, but ONLY until midnight each day will you be able to snag that day’s bundle.

At midnight it switches over to the next one, so you’ve got to move fast!

Now, if you have your eye on more than two bundles in the Ultimate Bundle Festival, here’s something that’s going to make you want to par-tay:

Using their “All Access Pass” offer, you can scoop up ALL of them, for not much more than the price of about two!

Yup. For $67, you can:

  • Gain a huge library to teach you to create recipes with wholesome ingredients, make your own non-toxic cleaners, and finally get your hormones under control
  • Learn how to control your own temper, raise grateful kids, and keep your toddler busy
  • Discover home remedies you can use to ward off sickness and revamp your medicine cabinet
  • Access 50 expert fitness training to lose stubborn fat, have the energy you need to play with your kids and keep you injury-free
  • Corral your paper clutter, whip your digital photos into shape, and create household organizational systems that you can USE

I hate to say it, but as of today, they’re already halfway through the sale, which means the Healthy Living and Parenting Super Bundles are gone…HOWEVER, as I mentioned above, if you pick up the whole shebang, you get access to all FIVE!

Here’s what’s available for the rest of the week:

What have you got to lose? Check them out, and get acquainted with my fav source of quality resources on topics that speak to the mom, woman, AND homemaker in me!

This deal expires at midnight on Friday night; act now so you don’t miss it!

Have any questions about the UBFest? Shoot me an email, share ’em down below, or head over to their info page to get the skinny!

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