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Homeschooling is once again in the spotlight after the recent discovery of the Turpin family. But the heart of the issue isn't really about homeschooling....I’m by no means what you’d call a news junkie, but nevertheless the images and developing story about the Turpin family haunt me. 

If by some miracle you are not familiar with the case, here is the link to the Wiki article to get you up to speed (Note – Read with discretion: it’s pretty rough). I don’t really want to waste this space here to even summarize the heartbreaking atrocities.

Of course, one of the activities that have been mentioned more-than-once in the news is that the family homeschooled their children. That activity alone has sparked a flurry of proposed legislation to further restrict our country’s educational freedom.

As if homeschooling is at the root of child abuse.

But people are people: we are flawed, works-in-progress, with a proclivity for selfishness and sin, and in dire need of a Savior. And this is a much larger issue, as my friend Tatiana points out in this article; one that should unite parents of all education persuasions…

While our homeschools are not perfect, our public schools are no safe haven either. 

So here’s a suggestion for you this week…

These are some things we can ALL do – this week and moving forward – to minimize “the Turpin effect” in our personal lives:

  • Stay attuned to how this is affecting your own homeschooling laws. Google “how the Turpin case effects (your State here) homeschool laws” or check out HSLDA for updates.
  • Be aware of what’s going on around you. Whether you’re home much of the day with the kids, or you’re an “out and about” homeschooler, venture outside your own bubble. Engage in conversation, keep your head up, and don’t be afraid to ask questions…or answer them!
  • Know a homeschooler who’s struggling? Offer to mentor them. Or just take her out for a cuppa and some conversation. And if you‘re struggling? Please reach out for help – it’s never too early, but don’t wait ’till it’s too late.
  • Do whatever you need to do to keep your homeschool the best it can be. If you need to take a break and focus on heart issues: do it. If there are relationship struggles at home: don’t let them get lost in the books! Deal with them head-on. The books can wait; caring for each other doesn’t.

In the meantime, praying for peace and grace in your families as you continue to teach and disciple your kiddos…

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