#breakthrulinkup 14 – Blessing Your Teen has never been so easy!

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Using these tools, crafting a blessing service for your teen has never been this easy!

Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #14!

I don't always "pitch" my stuff in this space, but I do want to share something exciting today!

The Blessing: the book

As you may or may not know, last year I published a book about a special coming-of-age ceremony that we have done for each of our five children. It's based on the Jewish Bar and Bat Mitzvah and designed to launch them into Biblical adulthood. Our teens have all looked forward to it since it's inception, and because we saw such fruit in their lives, my husband and I were encouraged to share both our experiences and the process we followed, in order to encourage other parents

The culmination of that desire and dream was a short, easy-to-read book entitled  "Blessing the Next Generation: Releasing God's Best in Your Child's Life

I've been really happy to be able to share this with parents of teens (and future teens!) and over the holiday I took one extra step to make it possible for ANYone feeling so led to do this in their home...

The Blessing: the course

Using these tools, crafting a blessing service for your teen has never been this easy!I can't tell you how excited I am to be presenting this!

On February 1 I will be introducing a blessing "course" available for anyone who is eager to do this but is totally overwhelmed with the idea.

The course is a series of 5 lessons, complete with concrete action steps, additional helpful resources, and 30 minutes of live time with me to answer questions, make suggestions, offer feedback, etc, if you feel you need or want it.

Of course, there are many ways to bless our children and teens, our families in general, and all those whom the Lord puts in our path.  This book and course focus on a very specific ceremony that accompanies the long-term visions and dreams we have for our kiddos...


My dream is that more and more parents will craft a unique and meaningful ceremony for their teens...and together make a Biblical coming-of-age not only the norm but a traditional spiritual milestone in Christian families everywhere.

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In the meantime, may you and yours be abundantly blessed in the New Year!   

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11 thoughts on “#breakthrulinkup 14 – Blessing Your Teen has never been so easy!”

  1. What a great practice to intentionally bless our children. We have done something similar with all our boys when they turned 16, and are now in planning process for #4. We have people they respect and love write them a letter, and my husband writes one as well about being a godly man. We take them out for dinner to a nice restaurant and buy them a nice piece of jewelry to mark the occasion. Then, later there’s a party with family and friends. Can’t believe “the baby” is going to be 16 this month!


    1. What a wonderful tradition! So simple and sweet…and I’ll bet they all remember it well. Your baby is 16? Gah! Where does the time go, right?!?


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