#breakthrulinkup 13 – When Mom is Discouraged

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Watching how we handle disappointment and discouragement can show our kids how to do the same...

Welcome to #breakthrulinkup #13!

As we prepare for 2018, a Facebook post keeps sticking in my mind. It was from a homeschool mom whose daughter had a wonderful transcript and did great on her ACT test but didn't get accepted into her #1 college choice.
And mom felt like a failure...

While I can SO relate to her, it also breaks my heart.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we raise our kids to be unique individuals, discovering and embracing and developing their own talents, skills, and interests - and then crumble in dismay when they don't "fit" into the mold the world has prepared? Why do we automatically assume we did something wrong?

I know the sting of things not turning out how you'd hoped for your kids; I know the sting of them NOT starting out on their post-high school future with confidence and a plan intact. I know the sting of watching them apparently twisting and turning as they try to figure out this thing called "their future." And feeling that it was MY fault 'cause I didn't prepare them "right." Sigh...


I've also seen how God can use that for His glory and our teen's good! I've also seen how what we deem misfortune and failure have opened up new paths and opportunities that we never envisioned, that we could never have created even if we'd been intentional about it!

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I've seen how disappointment and discouragement and trial and "failure" can motivate and teach and inspire growth and determination...

So I just want to encourage you, mom, if you're feeling that way too right now. The middle of the school year is a common time for looking at our homeschools with fresh eyes and a desire to "do better." Sometimes we do have to tweak or re-vamp our methods or materials. But sometimes we also need to let things run their course...

Because life's like that.

We don't always get to choose how it goes down or what materials we get to work with. Sometimes we have to learn how to go with the flow and make do. And sometimes, much to our surprise, something wonderful will happen in the process!

Just hold on, hide your own disappointment (lest your teen feels you're disappointed in him, too!), and keep encouraging him to "do the next thing." The path may not be clear right now, but we all eventually find it...

And rock on, mom! Nobody ever said this homeschooling gig would be easy, and it certainly isn't for the faint of heart. But you got this!

Wishing you peace and contentment in the coming year...

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6 thoughts on “#breakthrulinkup 13 – When Mom is Discouraged”

  1. Thank you for this little homeschooling pep talk. Half way through the year is a perilous time, too far from shore to see either the beginning or the end of the journey.
    Blessings to you as you persevere!


    1. Yes, that IS a perilous time to change, but it seems like a very common one, as many of us who aren’t‘ in school use it as a good time to start fresh… Love your image of being too far from shore, Michele; waterside is my happy place, whether it’s the ocean, river, or a lake, and that image is really relevant for me.
      Wishing you and yours all the best in the coming year – thanks for being a “regular” ’round these parts! <3


    1. Marilyn, my husband loves my fruit cake…but I’ll have to try your recipe 😉 Thanks for sharing it! Kinda got backed up over the holidays with responding to comments, but thanks as always for sharing here, and wishing you all the best in 2018!


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