The idea of homeschooling high school can be a little scary…but once you start planning it and really “get your head in the game”, well, it can be a ton of fun!

Using the planner I created specifically for high school will help you put all your teen’s classwork, subjects, special activities and progress down on paper and free your mind up to enjoy the season you’re in.

What does the Breakthrough High School Planner include?

Grab the homeschool high school planner

The main section includes pages for:

  • Your personal homeschool vision statement
  • Annual personal, family, and financial goals
  • Monthly planners in a 2-page spread
  • Full-page weekly notes and a general full-page note section each month

The High school tracking section includes:

  • a record of all Independent studies
  • descriptions of Unit studies
  • information on outsourced classes
  • Checklist for SAT/ACTs deadlines, applying to colleges and applying for scholarships
  • Internship and/or apprenticeship opportunities and info

Coming in the fall of 2019, sections for

  • Learning-styles summary sheet
  • Tracking volunteer hours and responsibilities
  • List of books read
  • Gap year information
  • High school transcript template
  • Year-end inventory

Benefits of the Homeschool High School planner

  • One easy-to-use-and-find place to keep all your records
  • One-year access to help (via email)
  • Purchasers automatically receive updates
  • Online access to transcript template included in planner
The homeschool high school planner from BreakthroughHomeschooling
This planner normally sells for $14.99, and will most likely be a bit higher
after the fall 2019 updates are completed.


To encourage you to start preparing for the coming school year – and perhaps the start of your teen’s high school season – the homeschool high school planner is available for only $9.99 right now. Even at this price, I will be honoring lifetime updates, so grab your copy while the going’s good!

homeschool high school planner from BreakthroughHomeschooling