Great Books for Homeschool Teachers

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If you're trying to find some worthwhile books to put on your shelf, try these for starters - my "must haves" for every homeschool mom/teacher!

The best thing we can do for our own children/students is to model a lifestyle of learning of our own.

I’m sold on the importance of a homeschool mom having her own bookshelf (at least one!) full of homeschool books where she can find inspiration, encouragement, techniques, and insight.

And over the many years I’ve been at this, I’ve read more books than I could count. I’m sharing my favs-off-the-bat here, but I’m sure as I start cleaning out and packing up my bookshelves for our upcoming move in the spring, I’ll discover others that I haven’t used in a while.

Whether you’re just starting out or needing some new inspiration, consider picking up some of these tomes:

General books for homeschoool teachers
The Way They LearnThe Way They Learn

This book, and another “You Can’t Make Me (but I can be persuaded)“, quickly became on of my go-to’s in terms of how my children learn and how to affect their behavior in positive ways. As a homeschooler, we are often/usually/always (?) studying our children; even so, it’s great to find trusted materials that help us understand the “why?” of things! And knowing their learning style is crucial for finding materials that will speak to them and enable them to learn well.


Teaching From RestTeaching From Rest



I discovered this book because I love Sarah Mackenzie’s blog “ReadAloudRevival.” I’m a big proponent of reading aloud to your kids, for as long as they’ll let you, and she speaks my language! This link is to the new edition and is available in a number of formats. Check out her blog here.

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The Well-Trained MindThe Well-Trained Mind

Many years ago I heard Susan Wise Bauer speak at a homeschool convention, and I had a major “Aha!” moment. Ever since then, I’d read up on and tried to incorporate the classical method of education into our homeschool. When we discovered a Classical Conversations community in our town a few years ago, I jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back. Even if you don’t totally understand or “buy in” to the classical method, this is an aMAzing teacher resource that you will find yourself picking up frequently over time!




The ABCs of How We LearnThe ABCs of How We Learn


Yes, another book on discovering your child’s learning style – it’s that important! Love this book, too; easy to read and pick up some great teaching techniques. Look for my full review of it here soon.




The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas - Volume 2The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas – Volume 2


OK, I’ll ‘fess up – I’m adding Volume 2 here to this list because I contributed two chapters to it! BUT it also has a ton of experience-based wisdom shared by homeschool moms and bloggers. You will bypass years of mistakes and headaches by following just a bit of what these ladies have to say! And, of course, if you love this edition, you’ll want to pick up Volume 1, too!




Devotionals – Ladies, you will have rough days here and there; days when you feel like you’re running on empty. Be prepared for those times with one or two of these wonderful devotionals for homeschool moms. Read my review of 8 suggestions here.

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One last book for homeschooling high-schoolers


Senior High: A Home Designed Form+U+LaSenior High: A Home Designed Form+U+La

Yes, this book may have been written in “the dark ages” of homeschooling, but even after graduating 3-and-almost-our-fourth, I STILL use it! And if I had a penny for everyone I’ve recommended it to, well, you know how that one ends. At first glance it can be pretty overwhelming, because it is chock FULL of forms and templates and lists and information. I mean FULL! But the beauty lies in that you can take whatever you’d like and/or need and tailor it perfectly to your unique situation! A virtual smorgasboard of help, and a totally recommended resource for your homeschool library.

 As a firm believer that every homeschool mom/teacher should model a lifestyle of learning, these are some of the books I'd recommend for EVERY bookshelf!

Do YOU have a “must read” that I didn’t mention? Please do share it in the comments – I’m always looking for recommendations 😉

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  1. Hi Pat, this is really great blog!! thanks for sharing such informative and knowledge gaining blog. The books which you have listed are really great and I have read 2 books from the list. I will definitely go through rest of them. I think everyone will love to read these books which you have listed


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