BreakthroughHomeschooling has gone through a few permutations… Waaayy back, it started out as Mom’s Morning Coffee, and we had a regular roll of guest writers covering different topics. This was how I first met Kim Pittman, whom I have grown to love and admire. She was super-helpful getting my kitchen storage in shape years ago, and even drove a few hours away to help my son and daughter-in-law get started on the right foot in their first home!

That’s how she rolls…and I’m proud and happy to share with you today a review I wrote of her book when it first came out. As we prepare for a new year, many of you may be looking to get a bit more organized, and Kim’s book digs into what’s really behind that whole desire, and what needs to happen to “git ‘er done!

I love Kim’s conversational style, and I appreciate how her book Organize 4U: Tips and Strategies for Getting Organized is divided up into sections of the home so that busy people can just attack whatever area is giving them trouble.

Organize 4U, by Kim Pittman, offers Tips and Strategies that you can use! Read more from my review, inside...

Now, honestly I have to admit here that I don’t often read the Introduction to books, but Kim’s intro is worth the time. While describing a bit of her own organizing journey, she also offers realistic encouragement. She’s not painting a “do it now and be done with it” picture, which is not only inaccurate but deceptive. She explains why getting organized is important, and what that looks like as your life changes and develops.


“What’s Holding You Back” is another section that’s worth the price of the book alone. Here she attacks the top 10 reasons people don’t begin to “create order from chaos”, and why – I think most of us will be able to identify with at least one of them (mine were #s 1, 3 and 6) 🙁

In “Where Do I Begin” she gives you a step-by-step process to get started, no matter what area or room you want to tackle, and presents 3 strategies from which to choose. What I LOVE about that is that she understands we don’t all work the same way! (Now I know you may be saying “Well, DUH!” But seriously, I can’t even TELL you how many books I’ve read that present a my-way-or-the-highway guide, which usually isn’t at ALL a process I could manage or maintain…)


Other Things You’ll Discover in “Organize 4U”

  • How to stay on target through this whole process
  • Learning to “budget your clutter”
  • Using the “Replacement Method” to your advantage
  • How purging stuff can make you money (and we’re talking more than yard sales here!)
  • The Three Steps positively required for “getting it together” and the statement that will bring you real freedom to finally become organized
  • The principle that is guaranteed to keep your home or office organized
  • Detailed room-by-room description of the challenges inherent in each, with solutions, each outlining her 3-step method! (And I wonder what you’ll think of her attitude about wire closet shelving…)
  • An important lesson your child will have to learn when they leave for college
  • A simple yet detailed section on getting ready for the holidays! Yay!
  • An entire section on staying organized through different stages in life. We often overlook the fact that the challenges of and solutions to being organized may “look” differently depending on what life-season you’re in.


Related to that last point, a section I enjoyed unexpectedly was the chapter “Children.” As mentioned earlier, the second part of the book offers tips and techniques for being organized in various life stages and situations. In this section, Kim includes her personal story, in which she discusses allowances, chore and kids’ household job assignments and the effect her own family’s arrangement had on their now-grown children. (Even as a mom of 5, with 2 grown and married, I picked up a few ideas there to use in our own home.)

What I love most about this book is that it goes far beyond a “how to” or even a “why to.” Kim is no cold-hearted purger. As a matter of fact, the section on organizing for the elderly touched me deeply, having helped my own parents move out of the home they were in for over 40 years a while back. She presents the issue from both perspectives: the elderly parent and the adult child, and gently encourages the reader to move forward with kid gloves.

The only (minor) complaint I would voice is that, in some sections, Mrs. Pittman points us to her website for pictures of some of the suggestions she describes. It would be great if links were provided. (Update: they’re working on that for the Kindle edition – yay!)

Organizing is more than just keeping track of our stuff. It’s learning how to live within our means, within the spaces we have, and harmoniously with each other. It’s about being good stewards of our possessions, learning to be content, and teaching our children values about work, money management, time management, and priorities.

At the end of the day, your decisions about what closet system to use, or how to store your Christmas décor are only marginally important. We need to remember the bigger picture: the people in our lives, and how our actions affect and influence them.

Kim’s book “Organize 4U: Practical Tips and Strategies for Getting Organized” helps us to do both.

Organizing is more than just keeping track of our stuff. It’s learning to live within our means, Click To Tweet
Organize 4U, by Kim Pittman, offers Tips and Strategies that you can use! Read more from my review, inside...
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