Preparing our teens for college and beyond means we should be enabling them to be well-round, thinking individuals. And who says Fine Arts is only for the “artsy?” In this enlightening discussion, Gena Mayo of Music In Our shares the many ways we can provide a fine arts high school credit for our teens, why it’s important to do so even if we don’t feel talented (and how to do it!), and shares an unbelievable list of optional studies that you can include in a fine arts program!
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…about Music In Our Homeschool+

In the episode above, Gena Mayo talks about Music in Our Homeschool Plus: a fine arts membership experience for preschool through high school. **If you’re new to homeschooling, or new to including fine arts in your homeschool, you may want to start here and watch this Bonus video that Gena recorded: “How to Easily Provide a Music Education for Your Kids at Home”**

MIOH+ makes it easy to include music and fine arts as part of their homeschool curriculum. As you probably do, too, I always tried to provide experiences that would help my kids grow into well-rounded individuals. And fine arts education provides lots of non-academic learning opportunities and formats that help to do just that!

There are lots of features to the program, but these are the ones I love best:

  • * Full Access to ALL 16 Elementary Music Courses and ALL 5 High School Level Music Courses plus two exclusive upper-level Fine Arts courses only available to members!
  • * A Monthly Calendar of Elementary Music Activities, Games, and Lessons so you and your kids know exactly what to do each weekday–just click and go!
  • A weekly email to provide tips, news, links, and encouragement to keep you on track!
  • * Bonus video lessons from other amazing educators.
  • * There are more, tho, and you can see the rest of the features here… (I wonder which ones you’re gonna love?!)

WHY: Fine arts programs are being cut in many traditional schools these days. However, we know that exposing our children to the arts helps them develop right-brain functioning. Our right-brain is the source of creative, artistic, and “out of the box” thinking.This type of thinking will help our kids grow up to be independent and unique problem solvers. We need these types of people urgently these days!

WHEN: Enrollment is closed until May, 2022. 

HOW: Click the button below to get specific details on Gena’s updated and improved program, and get on the waitlist if enrollment isn’t open yet. 

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