Happy Thanksgiving

I know that many of you are busy today cooking and cleaning and visiting with friends and family, so I’ll keep it short.

A few years ago I started setting aside articles that I came across that I thought were over-the-top and really wanted to share with you.

So I reached back into my “Thanksgiving” list and grabbed these two from a year or so ago… You may not think they’re “da bomb,” but I do hope they give you something worthwhile to think about later today when you find time to sit and rest and think about your day…

Keep track of your “3 wins and 3 gratitudes” – Jeff Walker

There’s something so positive and encouraging about Jeff Walker, and I hope you feel the same after watching this short piece.

Develop a gratitude “addiction”

This article was fascinating and a real eye-opener. It was really convicting, too, about just how important it is to exercise gratitude…

Practicing Gratitude on Thanksgiving is A Powerful Action for Health and Happiness

Thanksgiving can be about more that putting up with annoying relatives, gorging on a dead bird, and passing out in a football-enhanced stupor. In fact, Thanksgiving can be an opportunity to practice one of the most powerful health-promoting actions that exist. Giving thanks. Gratitude, it turns out, makes you happier

Write it down: Keep a gratitude journal

About five years ago my mother-in-law came to our house at Thanksgiving with a few small packages. She set one down at each place setting where we discovered them as we sat down to say the blessing and get to eatin’.

As we opened them, she shared some observations she had made about our family. At the time, we were all going through different life stages or “issues,” and she cautioned us as to how easy it would be to begin to focus on the challenges in our lives as opposed to the blessings that we had. She encouraged us to carry and use the cheery yellow pocket-sized notebooks we held in our hands to jot down things that happened to us each day. Little things that we recognized as blessings: people who ministered to us (or God allowed us to minister to), fortunate events, first-world luxuries such as hot-running water and a car to get us around town, family, and friends to love and who love us.

I’ve gone through a few “gratitude journals” since then, and they’ve gotten me through more than a few tough times.

Maybe you could try starting one this year…

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

And I’m thankful for you!

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