(More than) using poetry in your homeschool

All our homeschool life, we encouraged our kids to develop a lifestyle of learning. To always find the nugget of new and exciting information sure to be found in (almost) any activity, ‘most everywhere, and in our relationship with others. Finding and reading, and even creating poetry, was always a fun tool. We used it to memorize the Presidents, States, the Periodic Table. Seriously, you name it, you can find a way to incorporate poetry 🙂

So I thought I’d contribute a few ideas and share some resources to help you celebrate National Poetry Month and add a fun twist to your homeschool efforts – at any stage of the game, from elementary to high school.

But, read on, momma, ’cause I have something special for YOU, too!

Fun family activities for National Poetry Month

  1. Creating a reading list of poetry books. Look online or scour your family’s library!
  2. Ask your kids to choose a poem to read aloud at the dinner table.
  3. Open a fresh Google Doc and, looking through poetry websites, create an anthology of favorite poems.
  4. Family discussion topic: how would you define “poetry?”
  5. Hold a poetry exchange with poems wrapped as gifts and mailed to friends and relatives.
  6. Explore this glossary on poets.org and learn a different poetic term every day.
  7. Make and send greeting cards to their family members featuring lines of poetry.
  8. Browse these lesson plans about ars poetica poems and assign your students to write their own.
  9. Read Edward Hirsch’s essay “How to Read a Poem.”
  10. Write poems and illustrate them in chalk on the sidewalk or driveway.
  11. Host a virtual poetry slam with your friends, using Zoom!
  12. Explore “30 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month at Home or Online
  13. Find more activities on Poets.org!

Learning about everything through poetry

“There’s nothing under the sun you can’t write a poem about!” (1:12)

Pour yourself a cuppa and watch this playlist of twelve videos entitled “Teaching with Poetry,” explaining how you can teach and incorporate poetry into any subject!

Then, explore this post on Reading Rockets with the kids and dig into even more poetry-related activities!

So, those are some creative ways to use poetry in your homeschool. But I’m about to take a new twist, so hang on!

Now, here’s that special treat for you mamas out there that I mentioned! I’ve got something to tickle your heart, your brain, and maybe even your funny bone now and then…

More than

  • poems “by” parents, because they’ve all been written by one parent, or
  • poems “for” parents; because we often look for answers to our parenting challenges, and you won’t find any here. But closer to
  • poems “from” parents, because they will touch the heart of many of us…


A Parent's Garden of Verses

A Parent’s Garden of Verses

Over the course of the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing poetry I’ve written over the years that reflect the life of a mom. Sorry, dads, don’t look for material here (although I’ll bet you’ll be able to relate to some of the same feelings). They cover the myriad of emotions that span from that hormone-induced rush at childbirth, through the exciting (and exhausting) early years, the transition of tweens and teens, and, finally, the uber-challenge of watching them leave the nest. These are heartfelt words from a mom who may have taken this parenting gig a bit too seriously. (And yet, is that even possible? I dunno…you decide for yourself. I have no regrets!)

Every Wednesday in April on this space you’ll find a brand new piece (or two).

Not every week will have a theme, but to introduce the series I want to reflect on a concept that every new parent deals with:  sleep…or lack thereof…

A Mother’s Prayer I

As I watch my baby sleep
I beg you, Father, her safely keep

And when she wakes to greet the dawn
With a lustful cry or a gentle yawn

Give me grace to care for her
Patience, love, and self-control

Help us play and grow and serve
And learn about your great big world

So, finally, when the sun goes down
We can sleep with hearts at peace

Knowing as the world goes ‘round
Your love for us will never cease

Are you a “word nerd” parent?

I hope you enjoy these short verses about parenting! If you’re looking for something creative for your own “parenting tool-kit”, I’ve got just the ticket! Grab your copy of “20 Inspiring Quotes for Your Teen. Covering topics from today’s frustrations to fears of their future, these quotes will share hope, bring a smile, and lighten the heart of a teen you love!

New mom’s Nightmare

The last time I saw him he was in his car seat, in the buggy, but there were so many groceries to pack in the trunk and he was sleeping so peacefully; I dodged and weaved in the traffic, eager to get home and put him down in the crib for a long-overdue nap; and when I got home the party had already started and everyone greeted me in the driveway, wanting to see the baby; all the kids begged and pleaded to go upstairs and get him from his crib to meet all our friends, but I said “No, loves, I’ll go get him,” except as I climbed the stairs (which were so slippery I worried about dropping him on the way down) and got to his room and looked inside I realized he was not there and I screamed “NOOOOOOOOOO!

Which was when I woke up – 

Heart racing and tears running down my face

(Can you relate??)

Read the entire series here:

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Are you “into verse?” Do you have a unique way of expressing some aspect of your life as a parent? Let’s be creative together – share something you’ll be doing in April to celebrate National Poetry Month!

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