Who is Pat Fenner?

Hi there!

Pat Fenner

Founder & CEO

I am a Yankee city-girl who has been adopted by the sleepy, sunny south. Married for 30+ years and the mother of 5, I’ve been an active and avid home educator for over 20 of those years.

I am a coffee-lover.  So a few years ago, my husband and I bought a local, small-town coffee shop.  It was my personal foray into the small, family-owned business arena. That experience stretched me to unimaginable (for me) lengths and still influences much of what I do today.  The coffee shop, sadly, has been shuttered, but over the years I've continued to blog and mentor others in their own homeschooling journeys. These blogs became an outlet for packaging up and sharing the nuggets of wisdom and life lessons both God and my personal experiences have taught me over time.

I am a music-lover, bibliophile, wanna be crafter who loves to garden and cook when I can find the time. And I find that as my kids are growing, I’m finding more time to follow those pursuits.

I am a geek – a lover-of-learning in all the wonderful and exciting and interesting ways that learning occurs!

I am most passionately, however, a homeschool encourager - coming alongside both new and veteran homeschoolers as they work to create vibrant and fertile learning environments at home.

I firmly believe that the future of homeschooling is due for a BIG change – and I’m so very excited to explore those changes and encourage new homeschooling families as more and more of them choose this lifestyle!

The mission of BreakthrougHomeschooling is this:

...to provide personal and professional encouragement, information, and tools to moms who are homeschooling, especially through high school.

That's it - that's why I write, why I research, why I explore and review curricula and tools and books, why I create courses. God has been so good to me throughout my life, and during our years of homeschooling, and I'm using this time to give back and pay it forward!

Books you may find interesting and helpful...

Blessing the Next Generation: Releasing God's Best in Your Child's Life - is much more than "just" a unique parenting tool!
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Prayers for a Lifestyle of Learning - devotional for homeschooling moms
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Our Approach

But more importantly, why is this important to YOU?

From time to time, home educators find they could use a hand navigating the often-turbulent waters of high school. I know I did!  And while I by no means know everything, I do carry with me the experiences gained from graduating 4 teens, launching them into college and watching proudly as they navigate the world-at-large.

I've made many mistakes, celebrated many successes - in my life and my kiddos' - and learned from them all. Here's the cool thing: YOU get to learn from them, too, and get a "pass" from making the same ones!

How you can benefit:

  • Check out my blog, which has lots of free resources and information.
  • Engage in my short-term group coaching or one-on-one consulting services, for those who have a clear-cut need and just need someone to walk with them through a season. Please contact me if you have any questions about the process.
  • YOUR BEST NEXT STEP - - > Join my friends who receive periodic updates, tools, and inspiration as they homeschool through high school! (Hey, it's free...what do you have to lose?)

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